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Q. Are percussion parts included in field show products?

A. Your arrangements are basically wind scores, although there are always a few
parts percussion written to assist the percussion arranger with ideas and continuity.
Q. What if I do not have a percussion arranger?

     A. We can
assist you in finding a qualified and affordable percussion arranger.
Q. How does my band get "on board" with Scott Hickey ImPressions?

     A. When
we receive your retainer fee, you are officially "on board".
Simply call or email SHIP today. Every question will be answered when you do.
Q. Are the parts delivered with a score?

     A. Yes, along with computer-generated mp3 files to aid in your staff's creative process.
The score and parts are delivered via Dropbox, usually in pdf format.
Q. Speaking of time, how long does it take before I get my arrangements?

     A. Once your retainer fee is received and copyright permissions to arrange
are granted,
and when all materials (scores, recordings, etc.) are received by SHIP,
approximately 30 days are needed to complete your arrangements.
Q. As the Band Director, am I obligated to obtain copyright clearance for the arrangements?

     A. Yes, regardless of whatever circuit(s) your band participates.
If you need assistance in this area, please call or email.
There are also fee-based services available that can help if you need it.

Q. Does it matter, competitively speaking, what genre of music I choose?

      A. It should be important to you since you live with this music
for quite some time. Whatever genre fits your style and
personal preference is probably what is best for you and your group.

Q. Is an original commission something I
should consider for my band?

      A. Yes - for a number of reasons.
First, it is a commissioned work
by you for your group. Second, there are no copyright approvals to seek.
And third, you choose your concept - whatever you can imagine!
Q. Does an original commission cost more than custom arrangements?

      A. Yes.
However, there are no copyright clearances to obtain,
which can often be expensive. Please call or email
SHIP for more information if you are interested.