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 Scott  Hickey  ImPressions
Scott Hickey, composer and arranger, has numerous years of experience,
both as a former band director and as an arranger/composer for hundreds of groups
across the USA and around the world.
Craftsmenship and creativity go together, just another reason why so many directors
return to Scott Hickey ImPressions year after year.


Marching Band Custom Arrangements
Plus Original Works For Any Ensemble
While you may have many questions, many answers are
found on the "FAQ's" page on the website menu.
Please feel free to contact SHIP either by email or by phone.
Click on to the "Contact Info" page in the SHIP menu
for more information.
Communication - getting the best product for your ensemble - at whatever level
your band may be - providing your performers with the BEST opportunity for success.

Custom-arranged program fees vary depending upon many factors.
Experience in writing a program for every possible level
and size ensemble is a major component in the eventual success
of your group's competitive season.
This is what Scott Hickey ImPressions offers.
Time-tested experience evident in the quality of the product delivered.

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